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Anarchy in Geneva
August 22, 2007, 2:16 pm
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Imagine how sweet anarchy could be. Visitors in Geneva, Switzerland can learn from a free anarchy pamphlet (check out the “welcome to geneva” pamphlet link). What a fun little public art project! This was sent to me by my friend Spunk, just as I was pondering shifting all my family’s assets into Swiss francs. The Swiss are upon us! Of course he also informed me about Detroit’s deviant superheroes having gay-porn-sex on the rooftop of an old Packard factory. This was totally unrelated to my activities at the time. Can’t tell for sure if the Swiss had a hand in that one or not.


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German Anarchists need help from United Anarchists urgently!

Dear Sisters and Brothers of United Anarchists!

We have reached a breaking point in Germany and we can break a wall. But we need any support by the whole Community of United Anarchists for that!

So I have opened a site just for that, You can get there by the main-page of

It isn´t a German affair only: Germany is the starting point only, and it is absolutely necessary that the whole world will see what is the power of United Anarchists!

The German SS-Satanists are writing again and again in Internet: “There are no Anarchists who are fighting for the positions which Sobottka does declare! He is standing just alone and he is crazy only!”

Dear Sisters and Brothers, please use all Your means to spread my call for help, and please give Your own best: Only in true Community we are able to fight down the Devil and to open holy Gates on Earth for mankind, but in true Community we will get that both!

I love You!


Winfried Sobottka, a speaker of German Anarchists in FRG and Austria and a member of United Anarchists.

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