Chank Blog’s Top Ten Freefonts of 2009
December 22, 2009, 2:40 pm
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We quietly launched a whole new this year, and populated it with some old fonts and a bunch of new fonts, too. Some fonts are free, some cost money, but needless to say the free ones get a lot more downloads than the ones you have to pay for. Here’s a list of the year’s most popular freefonts at, with download totals year-to-date:

1. Farmers Delight (942)

2. Millesime (715)

3. Chummmmmley (695)

4. Sarcastic Robot* (681)

5. Atomic Vegas Seasnakes (553)

6. Flower Power (525)

7. Flubber (426)

8. Chrylser Electric* (407)

9. Ballers Delight (402)

10. Tortuga (328)

(*Sarcastic Robot and Chrylser Electric turned out to be so popular they aren’t free anymore, but they were for a while. Others on this list might not be free some day, so get ’em now while you still can.)