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Got an iPad in the mail from the future today
April 5, 2010, 9:30 pm
Filed under: iPad

Sorry to gush about the new iPad, but it is the most amazing little device I’ve ever held in my hand. It’s a radio, a web browser, a typewriter and a DVD/VCR. You can play thousands of video games, load up any of millions of songs, videos or movies, or use it as an encyclopedia. I bet you could even play frisbee golf with it. Plus, pretty soon it’ll give you access to almost every book ever printed. Holy cow!

I’m so glad my little boy will have such an amazing media and entertainment center to tuck in his backpack when I send him off to school in a few years.

The drawbacks? As with the rise in popularity of all computers, the iPad will further erode the amount of time young people will have to dedicate towards perfecting their handwriting. Surely typing will be more important. So I’m pretty sure we’ve passed the golden age of handwriting. Handwriting will just keep getting worse and worse in the years to come.

And since fonts are my business, it bums me out a bit that the Safari browser on iPad isn’t making use of the snazzy new webfont embedding capabilities. But I have faith that it’ll work soon.

I also keep getting the feeling that this thing should be a video phone. There really should be a camera in there. I guess they gotta save something for the next gen model.

Secret iPad superhelpful tip: a dry microfiber washcloth makes the smudges go away, easy shmeasy.


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