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Making New Murals in St. Paul
October 1, 2010, 7:55 am
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I’m working on FOUR new big murals for the Creative Lighting building in St. Paul, MN near 94 & Snelling. All four are still in progress, but here are some preview pics of the first mural. This one, measuring 15′ tall by 65′ wide, is a collaborative piece with Twin Cities’ poster artist and bicycle evangelist Adam Turman, one of my local art heros. He made the design and painted the lady. I made the Drunk Cowboy font and am still working on painting drop-shadows on that. We had lots of friends come out to help, too. Painting is fun. Thanks y’all!

Painting continues on this mural and the other three next week. Extra special thanks to John Wallace who came out to take these “real photographer” pictures of the painting event. For press and media inquiries into this project, please contact JudyJudyJudy.

Adam Turman painting a mural

Adam Turman working on his first big mural.

Chank Diesel painting a mural

Chank rolls out some big cowboy letters.

Chank Diesel and Adam Turman working on a mural

Chank Diesel & Adam Turman

Volunteer painting crew hard at work on a mural

All-volunteer crew hard at work.


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I met you the other day at Creative Lighting, walking my dog.

What I wanted to say was, never think you are not getting through to people. You chose a medium that cuts through the clutter.

When I saw the new wall, it just said NO DARKN …

I went home and wrote these lines:

Without Darkness

Without darkness
there is no light.
Without blindness,
no sight.
Without words
there is no poem.
Without you,
no home.

Comment by Mike Finley

And I get the design — one for the freeway, one for the bike bridge, one for the Amtrak, and the last for the guy walking his dog.

Comment by Mike Finley

Thanks for the kind words, Mike! I try to optimize all my art to delight the poet-guy out walking his dog by the traintracks. Glad you could stop by and enjoy the work in progress.

Comment by chank

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