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Liquorstore Font at Boerentoren Antwerpen
April 22, 2011, 7:46 am
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Boerentoren Antwerpen, originally uploaded by QbiT.

OMG I can’t believe someone chose my Liquorstore font to spell out a poem all over a skyscraper in Antwerp! This picture is six years old but I just found out about it today. Isn’t that an incredible building? The words are a poem about how this modern building is in love with a cathedral nearby. Wow, so surreal and impressive.

And what’s up with that KBC changed to ABC up on top? So fantastical.


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An ad-hoc translation of what is in fact only the last part of a longer poem:

Accept me
Take me
Behold me

Start with me
So day
So night
You’re bright

Start all over again
Oh, look then
Love me

Don’t hold back

By Tom Lanoye
Typography by Gert Dooreman – the one you should be grateful to…or is it vice versa?

Comment by Erik Bongers

Tom Lanoye is a literary author of major importance. His work has been translated into several languages.

The KBC-ABC thing is an insiders’ joke. KBC is a well-known abbreviaton of the name of the company occupying the building (a financial institution). By changing the K to A you get two things: the first three letters of the alphabet, obviously, but also a link to the A of Antwerp (the city where this poem was displayed). The Anwerpians are very proud of their city, and the white A on a red background comes back everywhere as a symbol of the city, its services or social/cultural heritage.

Comment by Kirstin Vanlierde

True, we Antwerpians are very proud, but we’re oh-so modest…as can be attested to by this:

No, that’s not photoshopped – that “A” stood there in ’93 when Antwerp was Cultural World Capital. As you can see, that skyscraper (it really isn’t that high) has phallic importance to us.

Comment by Erik Bongers

Sorry, “A” stood there in 2001 – not ’93.

Comment by Erik Bongers

Agree photoshopped

Comment by gazex

Tom Lanoye he is the belgium novolist, right.

One of the Flemish novelists if I remember correctly.

Yes some amazing stuff.

Comment by Sævar

Wow. All those screenis are really funny. I like your sense of humor its sort of sarcastic and unpleasant but still entertaining to read. If i could give you kudos or cookies or points as a reward i would but i do not think this site allows me too. Still good job! Click

Comment by holtboyle48275

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